Our mission is to bring the studio to you!  We are actively engaged in supporting and documenting smaller, far-flung or out of the way rock 'n roll scenes, with a special emphasis on Psychedelic sounds and visuals.  We want to capture the sound and feel of the local color, wherever we happen to be!


Equipped by Sweetwater.com

  • Universal Audio 4-710d Tube Preamp
  • Analog summing and tape capabilities
  • Remote recording capabilities
  • Full spectrum production/mixing/mastering
  • Boutique and hand-built effects and mics
  • Solar-powered recording facilities
  • Focusrite Rednet Dante networked interfaces
  • Focusrite preamps
  • Aston microphones
  • Fully-stocked guitar rack and effects
  • Analog, all discrete Harrison console

Owner: Colin Lime

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